Ahead of Christmas and new year Sales Increased Lamps

Ahead of Christmas and new year Sales Increased Lamps

Entered in December 2016, the retail business increasingly shining lamps. This increase is inseparable from the moment of the celebration of Christmas and new year 2017.

Traders in TM Walnuts Mas, Jakarta felt omzetnya increased at the end of this year. TM Walnuts Mas itself is known as specialities trade mall which provides a wide range of power tools and electrical.

Not only lamps, here the buyer also hunt other products such as lamps, LEDS, Sanitary, Water Filters and Pumps, Tools Hardware, lock & & Handel doors, cookers and kitchen appliances, even the tools of safety.

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“December is a peak season sales products home solution center such as lights, lamps, and other electrical power tools in the TM Walnuts Mas. The prices here are much cheaper because the seller is the principal or main distributor, “said Ho Mely Surjani, AVP Marketing Agung Podomoro.

Willy, merchant Stores Rose Sempana confessed, the moment ahead of the Christmas and new year, sales in his shop was increased up to 40 percent of a typical day. “Sustenance-rezekian, but sales continued to show a clear increase in the charts,” he said.

More Willy explains, at this time his shop already has regulars and the average buyer who already know the item and price.

“Already have subscriptions. The concept of shoping mall offer Great Podomoro help us in terms of elevating the prestige of psychologically. This concept was successfully compared to the concept of market competitors other. “said Willy who runs his shop along with his brother Ernawati.

Similar, Kohar Branded PHILIPS Store selling Home Lighting, admitted if reserved turnover continues to increase. This store other than individual consumer menyasar also menyasar contractors and developers either in Jakarta or the region.

“generally after seeing the stuff on display in CE Plaza Walnuts Mas, buyers often compare with other places, either the price or the quality. Here is indeed more complete and have a lot of options, as well as comfortable guestrooms in shopping, “Kohar said.

Tuty Cakung origin Buyers say that she love to shop at the Walnut Plaza TM Mas because of comfort and trimmings. “Here is a complete, what type of lamps exist. Goods and kitchen appliances and electronics are all there, other than that the place was also uncomfortable, “he said.

The Plaza is now managed this Podomoro Supreme makin makin day showed a good performance. Plaza which apply the concept of the shopping mall offers a wide variety of electronic equipment and household appliances small, medium and large. TM Plaza Walnuts Mas operates from 08.30 till 17.00 pm.

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