Flowers – The Flowers Are Beautiful It Is Able To Change The Mood Of A Space

Say it with flowers. Yes, up to now the interest is still the media is often used to express one’s feelings, such as a statement of love, congratulation or condolence sayings. The beauty of the shape and colour of the interest owned even able to change the mood of the space. Then no wonder if some types of flowers are often used as decorative elements in order to beautify the interior of a space.


Sunflower or known by the name of sunflower is known as one of the symbols of happiness. The form of yellow petals that resemble the shape of the Sun is able to stimulate the brain so it appears a sense of happy moment to see it. Placed in a clear vase, a sunflower is also often used as a sweetener.

Bleeding Heart

Its shape resembling a pink hearts and depending on twigs make flowers jasa tukang taman named Bleeding Heart is different from other types of flowers. Many types of flowers found in South Korea, Japan and Siberia.


The specialty of the flower dahlia lies in parts of the petals overlap as well as the striking colours. The flower dahlia much cultivated in Indonesia and become one of the most popular ornamental flowers.


Does not require many words to describe the beauty of the flowers that are often used to express this love. Not only has the form of a beautiful petals, rose also has a wide range of color and fragrance are specialties. Then no wonder if roses are often used to decorate the interior.

Kala Lili

The next type of flower that is often used to decorate the room are lilies. The flowers are white with yellow bulge at the Center is no less popular than the roses. Typically, Lily put on the dinner table.

Blue Hydrangea

In addition to the flower petals are blue, Blue hydrangea flowers are known as being able to create a relaxing effect for anyone who saw it.

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