Get the many benefits of Betel Plant

Get the many benefits of Betel Plant

What comes when you hear the word betel? If people are happy to chew the leaves? Such activities must have often heard. However, the plant is called the Latin Piper betle turned out to have a lot of other advantages that can be utilized, loh! No exception to the House.

First, of course, there have been many who know that the betel leaves are often used as herbal plant. This plant is often used to cure various health related problems, such as asthma, sore throat, Burns, or bad breath. The plant is also the typical flora of the Riau Islands have many kinds, in green, red, and black. Among the trio, red green and Red twice which is quite often used as a medicinal plant.

Both, like other plants, the presence of betel is clear can beautify a home. Various colors and types can greenwash and refreshing the view. The scenery can be getting prettier with the unique shape, though its betel leaves, trees instead growing vine.

Other benefits for the home was as room deodorizers. Herbs in the kitchen could be put in to eliminate bebauan no foul there. It could also, in the bedroom or living room. Some pieces of the leaves can also be used as an alternative to eliminate insects or ants. To throw her out, just put the betel leaf in an area which is often dikerubuti by insects.

The betel plant crops obviously will not harm. If you want to do it, tanamlah the beginning or entry of the rainy season. This is because the plants need quite a lot of amount of water for growth, but remember not to become overly wet soil. A new watering is reduced when the adult age while betel roots deep enough to find groundwater itself. While perkembangbiakannya can be ducking with techniques, cuttings, and cuttings.

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