How to Change E-mail the Google Play Store on Android

Did you just buy an Android phone’s resale price? When will download the app in the Play Store turns the phone still using email or Google Play Store account belonging to someone else the owner of the mobile phone, now how the heck do I change the email on Android with the new Google Play Store account your own? How do I delete the old account on the Android Play Store? Here are tips for short.

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First, we must first remove the old account PlayStore on Android phone, do I go to the Settings menu – Google Account as shown below.

Tap on the old account will be deleted. Then press the menu (in the form of three dots in the upper right corner) select Delete Account.

Process delete this account will delete all contacts, messages and other data associated with that account. After successfully remove old PlayStore account now is the time to add a new account.

To change the email or Google Play Store account entry also to Settings – Account and then select Add Account – Google.

There will be two options namely Enter your email if you already have a gmail, but if you do not already have a gmail then choose create a new account.

Suppose we create PlayStore, then the next step is to enter the full name, and then enter the email address that we will use.

Enter the password as you wish. Confirm the phone number will be very useful when you want to make a purchase using a credit application.

Verify the phone number on PlayStore

Approval, just touch the I Accept

Select a payment method or you could also pass for now, select Later Only

Congratulations you have successfully replace the old account to the account PlayStore new PlayStore accordance with your wishes.

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