How to Make Vegetable Recipes Simple Cassava Leaves

Who is not familiar with cassava. Plant one tuber is often utilized as a food flavor. Besides the cassava plant is a plant which can be utilized from the roots to the leaves. Where to root or potato can be utilized as a carbohydrate source, the stem can be utilized as cassava seeds and leaves can be utilized as a very tasty vegetable.


Own cassava leaves contain nutrients such as vitamin B and vitamin C. It also contains minerals such as iron, phosphorus and calcium. Surely cassava leaf vegetable is very fit when consumed as a variety of side dishes in your home. Getting cassava leaf itself is not difficult, we can even find cassava leaves at home or around the house. And cassava leaves that can be eaten is young cassava leaves contained in this plant shoots. Usually still dark red or light green. Well, this kind leaves that can be utilized to be made vegetable cassava leaves . For those interested in making vegetable cassava leaves can easily see recipe below.

How to Make Vegetable Recipes Cassava Leaves

How to Make Vegetable Recipes Simple Cassava Leaves

Cooking time: 40 menitan
Suggestions Presentation: 5

Material :

– 400 grams of young cassava leaves
– 75 grams teri rice, wash using warm water, fry briefly
– 500 ml coconut milk diluted
– 1000 ml of water
– 2 tbsp cooking oil

Ground spices:

– 6 red onions
– 2 cloves garlic
– 1 tbsp toasted coriander
– 1 point hazelnut
– 1 teaspoon salt
– ½ tsp sugar

How to make :

1. Boil cassava leaves in boiling water. Approximately 3 minutes. Immediately remove and drain.
2. Heat oil, then enter the spices and stir-fry until fragrant.
3. Boil the thin coconut milk, stir and add the ground spices and stir earlier. Enter boiled cassava leaves and cook briefly until the coconut milk rather shrink.
4. Lift up and ready to serve.

If you like the ebi dry, then you can add dried ebi recipe into this one. By adding dry dried shrimp, cassava vegetables will taste more savory and could reduce the use of salt. Good luck and hopefully useful information Recipes to Make Vegetable Cassava .

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