Pubic Hair Isn’t Just To Look At – It’s A Gateway To Your Love Life

Do you have a private sense of fashion? We’re certain you do. Or that you’d want to. Maybe you’ve given thought to giving yourself a trim, or possible taking some off the sides, or even going all the way and surprising a lover. You are right if you’ve thought about it or even done it; Since hundreds of years ago, women have been grooming their pubic hair. All for the beauty!

The pheromones are scents a woman’s body produces and are intentional to make you sexually attractive to another. Pubic hair and underarm hair captivates and circulates those erotic scents.

A survey done of men in 1995 found that 67 percent find a shaved pubis irresistible on a woman. Even more significant, a woman who grooms her private electifies her own sexual experience.

Methods for Pubic Hair Removal:

Once you are completely aware of the feel and arrangement of your own pubes; curly or straight, short or long, fullness or thinness, lush and velvety, or uncluttered and obedient; you’ll know what pubic hair removal choices to consider.


The quick, easy, and thrifty method is to use manicure scissors to cut down the pubic hair. But be cautious: One mistake with the scissors can convey to a painful slice. For the trimming of beards, moustaches, and nose hair, small rounded tip scissors are much safer than common scissors.


The most thrifty and most painless option. Shaving is known for being the fastest plan to¬†jus kurus langsing a new ‘do. For centuries, in Rome, the Middle East, Japan, China, India, and North Africa, people have been shaving their pubic hair.


Whether you’re waxing it at home, in a salon, or day spa, the direct benefits of waxing are a smooth finish and long-lasting removal of hair. Some women might complain about the pain, while other women rely by this method and believe the minor discomfort is worth it.

Arrange to commit to at least $50 and a half an hour for an effortless, clean line (bikini wax) or up to more than $75 and an hour for something sophisticated (fruits, bows, logos, stars, hearts, etc.). At home, follow the directions you get with your waxing kit. One strong advisement: Buy quality products. You’re worth it. Where hair is involved, especially short unwanted hairs, a woman is excused to spending.

Bikini Wax:

Temporarily removes hair beyond the panty line, great when woman wear a traditional bathing suit or, a bikini.

Brazilian Bikini Wax:

Leaves about a 1-1/2- to 2-inch vertical stripe in front, cleans up the hair on the lips and tush, with an opportunity to wax in between the cheeks, also. Divine for someone wanting to get into typical Brazilian togs: a thong and nothing else. So should women go through with Brazilian bikini wax? Basically it’s for sex, and because it makes the sex better.

Playboy Bikini Wax:

A simpler version of the Brazilian, leaving only a skinny stripe of hair in the front.


A less painful way to get the smoothness associated with waxing is by sugaring, the most popular hair removal method in North Africa and the Middle East. It involves applying a mixture of warm sugar and lemon juice, letting it harden slightly, then killing the hair. The sugar-mixture doesn’t get sticky to the skin the way that warm wax does; this way your skin doesn’t get ripped away with the hair; so this the less-painful method. This method can be done at home, is cheap, and it takes up a little of your time.

Cream depilatories:

Depilatories are available in drug and grocery stores, and they’re cheap ($2 to $10), quick, and mostly painless. That’s the good part. But for the bad part: the results are short-lasting (from hours to days), the lowermost hair might cast some shade, and cheap acidic products might effect the irritability. This pubic hair removal seems useful only to those with fair, thin hair that grows slowly on skin that isn’t as sensitive. If you have none of those complications, you may just like using depilatories.

Epilatories and threading:

We don’t recommend this method for anyone. Epilatories and threading methods only pull out your pubic hair one by one by the roots, very painful! If you don’t like pain, then forget this method.

Permanent hair removal:

Permanent hair removal might not recommended for a couple of reasons: 1) It might give you less options in the future, and 2) it’s more costly, and might create sensitivity in pubic area . To be more thorough, there are three methods to be mentioned: electrolysis, thermolysis, and blend modalities. All three methods are more painful, and sessions are limited to 20-60 minutes and would cost about $65/hour. It takes one to two years to permanently kill the hair follicles and to permanently stop hair growth in it’s tracks.

Laser hair removal:

Is not as expensive as electrolysis, but you’re still required to do more than one treatment session. Plan to spend more than $1,600 to get this done, with each session costing around $600.


A method where the root of the hair is shocked by an electric current, costs $20 to $90 per hour, and takes several hours because each hair must be killed individually. Epilators, medical electrolysis devices, destroy the growth center of the hair with a short-wave radio frequency. A very fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle at the surface of the skin. The hair is then abstracted simply with forceps.

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