Reveals The Secrets Of The Guitar God Eddie Van Halen

Reveals The Secrets Of The Guitar God Eddie Van Halen

Legen guitarist Eddie van Hallen reveals the secrets of being a guitar God while handing over two of his guitars to the Smithsonian, National Museum of the United States. What is the secret? Once, the creator of guitar Les Paul asked, anyone could make a guitar as good as him.

The time was Les Paul paused long enough. But he mentioned three names. “I, Leo Fender, and Eddie van Halen. I think this is a pretty name third know how to make a guitar, “said Les Paul. The third does have a great influence on the world of guitar. Who is not familiar with the Gibson Les Paul. So too with Leo Fender with the Fender Guitar which until now so trade markpara gitar akustik murah guitarists of the world.

Then how about Eddie van Halen? Many people thought that Eddie van Halen was a guitarist. Whereas, up to now the father Wolfgang van Halen is a maker of guitars. The guitar that he created is the EVH acronym of his own name. Guitar and Eddie van Halen is the one thing that is difficult is separated.

The name Eddie van Halen had already downloaded before cancellation is identical to the guitar. So the name Eddie van Halen called, which is how the men crossed the descendants of the Netherlands plays the guitar. In front of the entire Smithsonian National Museum of the United States visitors, Eddie van Halen would like give a little secret of how he can reach all the achievements.

Eddie van Halen told me its love of music is always derived from his father, Jan, was a highly skilled musician who plays clarinet and saxophone. “Thanks to music, my dad can go to Indonesia and met my mother, Eugenia. Thanks to music, me and my brother Alex get to America, “he recalls.
Eddie van Halen says, since Jan and Eugenia familiarize them with music. Since their young even trained to play the piano. The duo Van Halen has often won the competition playing the piano. Only their spirit, thus there is in rock music. “I originally played drums and Alex played guitar.

‘ However, so we exchange tools, any destiny determines the beginning of a musical group named Van Halen, “said Eddie van Halen. Become immigrants in the United States is not an easy thing for the family Van Halen. Economic conditions are not well made family Van Halen live with simple.

So did the way Eddie van Halen playing guitars. Every day Eddie van Halen tried to generate unique voices through his guitar. The use of guitar effects actually will greatly facilitate the Eddie van Halen did it. However, that time guitar effects too expensive create families of Van Halen.

Due to not being able to buy guitar effects, Eddie van Halen pun had to innovate to make new sounds through his guitar. “I have always been intrigued with suarasuara produced through the guitar. For example, what happens if I do this. What if I make it like this, “said Eddie van Halen. In fact, according to Eddie van Halen, the use of guitar effects will greatly help hammer out curiosity.

Unfortunately, due to not being able to buy the guitar effects, Eddie van Halen else forced to innovate in its own way. “I finally tried fantasizing with my own ability,” he said. He began to explore the teknikteknik to play the finger on the guitar. Eddie van Halen claimed to see Jimmy Page did some amazing hand technique on a guitar forum in Los Angeles.

He also never watched Steve Hackett from Genesis mengetuk-ngetukkan his finger into the string of the guitar. “I then tried to do it a different way. What if I tap-ketukkan my fingers very quickly, “he said. From where Eddie van Halen brings the highest level of engineering tappingke.

Eddie van Halen is indeed not the first introduced the technique of tapping. Simply, the way he did tapping tapping techniques far beyond that already exists. So, no wonder the technique of tapping so synonymous with Eddie van Halen. “We have to try to do something more than can be done,” pungkas Eddie van Halen.

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