Safe Land Buying Guide

Safe Land Buying Guide

Buying and selling transactions of land can not be equated like fried snacks on the sidewalk, after paying then all the immediate affairs are completed. Yes, in addition to the price range is much different, buying and selling land is closely related to the legal aspects.

It’s nothing, afraid that after being bought out, the status of the land is actually a dispute or as expressed by Sumarni Boer, a Notary and Land Acquisition Official (PPAT) to, a frequent case usually involving the certificate of bodong and the original certificate duplication.

So in the name of security and comfort, and of course also the factor of legal legality, be careful.

Although the affairs of buying and selling transactions may be commonplace for many people, but in fact, for the business of buying and selling land are still many who do not understand the rules correctly.

Well, if there has been an agreement between buyers and sellers to make a sale and purchase on a piece of land, then some steps that must be taken is:

1. Prepare requirements

The required files are:


The original certificate of land rights to be sold.
Identity card.
Proof of payment of Land and Building Tax.
Approval Letter / Wife for the already rumah minimalis sederhana married (or deed of death if it died).
Family card.

Identity card.
Family card.
Visited the Office of the Land Deed Officer
Sellers and buyers come to the Office of the Land Authority Officer (PPAT) to make the Land Sale and Purchase Agreement (AJB) while carrying the pre-prepared requirements.

PPAT is a public official appointed by the Head of the National Land Agency (BPN) which has the authority to create AJB.

AJB creation process
Preparation for Deed of Sale Purchase.

Before making AJB, PPAT will conduct an examination of the authenticity of the certificate to the BPN office. According to Article 34 of PP. 24 of 1997, this institution will check the authenticity of certificates based on registration maps, land lists, measuring letters, and land books.
Seller must pay Income Tax (PPh) if the sale price of land above sixty million rupiah. Payment is usually at a designated bank.
The purchaser may make a statement that by purchasing the land he is not a holder of land rights exceeding the maximum limits.
Statement from the seller that the land owned is not in dispute.
PPAT refuses the creation of AJB if the land to be sold is in dispute.
Making AJB

The making of the deed must be attended by the seller and the prospective purchaser or the person authorized by a written power of attorney.
The making of the deed must be attended by at least two witnesses.
The Land Deed Authority official read the deed and explained the contents and intent of making the deed.
If the contents of the deed have been approved by the seller and the prospective buyer then the next deed is signed by the seller, prospective buyers, witnesses and PPPAT.
Deed made two original sheets, one sheet is stored in the Office of PPAT and one other sheet submitted to the BPN Office for registration purposes (behind the name).
To the seller and buyer each is given a copy.
After the AJB is completed, PPAT then submits the AJB file to the BPN Office for the need to reverse the name of the certificate. Delivery must be done no later than seven working days from the signing of the deed.

Well, the files submitted to the BPN Office for the need to reverse the name of the certificate are:

Letter of request behind a name signed by the buyer
Seller’s land rights certificate
KTP buyer and seller
Proof of payment of Income Tax (PPh)
Proof of payment of Land and Building Rights Acquisition fees.
After the file is submitted to the Office of BPN, then the BPN will provide a receipt of the receipt of the request back the name to the PPAT. And further by PPAT the receipt of the receipt is submitted to the Buyer.

Furthermore, the old holder’s name (seller) in the book of land and the certificate is crossed out with black ink and initialed by the Head of BPN or appointed Officer.

The new rights holder (buyer) name is written on the pages and columns contained in the land and certificate books with the date of registration and signed by the Head of the BPN Office or the designated official.

Akhrnya within 14 (fourteen days) the buyer can already take the certificate already on behalf of the buyer in the office of BPN.

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