Stories about Farhan Presenter Preparation Follow Triathlon

Stories about Farhan Presenter Preparation Follow Triathlon

A Triathlon is an activity that combines three sports at once, namely swimming, cycling and running. Well, to follow the preparation needed to mature.

Muhammad Farhan presenter who is preparing for a triathlon since December 2016. He admitted doing exercises or simulations that are heavy on every branch of sport is conducted once a week for four hours.

“Well to the routine (exercise) an hour per day Yes replacement there is a swim, run or aja aja sepedaan. But there remains at least a full day to recover from a break, “said the man who is also a radio broadcaster.

“It (the break) so that the body is not over training. If over training bodies are easily uprooted and ill, “Farhan dial on the sidelines appointment media Campaign #Sweat4Edu at home learned to Love Foundation (YCAB) Duri Kepa, long road, West Jakarta, Thursday (29/3/2017).

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Further, Farhan is also adding exercise to their muscles are performed among others by lifting the barbell. Because according to him when cycling, hand also has an important role in holding the body burden.

In addition, he will also follow the pilates in order to make muscles more elastic and can activate the muscles. So that it can support the performance when following triathlon.

“I am the focus of pilates at 2.4, ankles and engkel. If not, can it be destroyed, 2.4 “imbuh Farhan.

Hence, the sport which is most difficult? According to Farhan, sports the most difficult was her run because running takes hard work.

“So if swimming recreational bicycle ride last mindsetnya that the streets are. Well, the run was hard work. But ngatasinya Yes jalanin aja, brisk walk, “Farhan dial plan.

The triathlon will be followed Farhan is a river a Liat Triathlon coming on April 22, 2017. These activities to raise funds. This also marks the launch of the campaign #Sweat4Edu by YCAB Foundation invites volunteers to move and contribute to the education of children pre-prosper.

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