Strategy for Apartment Lewa Leased Apartment

Strategy for Apartment Lewa Leased Apartment

The sluggish condition of the last 3 years property forced investors to slightly ‘rack my brain’ so that property owned still generate profits.

Dadank, Principle Wyndham Realty revealed, when the condition of property development is ‘down’ should not be too worried, but quite addressed with a little creativity in managing their business.

“The decline in property conditions in Indonesia in the last 3 years, is determined by many factors that can not be controlled unilaterally, including the global economy. Imagine, for the last 3 years the growth is fairly stagnant. ”

“Special sales of apartments, reportedly dropped steadily by 70 percent. Of course, in the world of this property is a disadvantage that must be disiasati, “said Dadank to Rumm, Thursday (29/09/2016).

The man who has managed to sell the apartment in the number of South Jakarta and the Center is also warned-warned, for investors more clever to see the market conditions. Because it is very unlikely, if on the condition of the property is down this to make property sales. Of course it will be very difficult to break the yield (minimum profit) by 10%.

“There is another alternative that can optimize the investment function of the apartment, namely by renting units. Despite the decline as well, but the decline is not too far away, which is still at 10-20 percent. Of course it will not be too loss, “he said.

In order to lease the apartment sold, Dadank as a property agent assess the need for a special strategy to attract consumers. At least, there are 3 things that should be done investors, namely:

Beginning the process of buying an apartment

The first strategy, starting from the characteristics of apartment units that are sought by the consumer of a region. According to Dadank, there are many characteristics of rent-seeking apartment consumers, those who are afraid of heights, those who like heights, or those who like complete facilities.

“For those of you who already have an apartment and want to rent, must be smart to see market opportunities, and highlight the basic needs that touch the characteristics of consumers. For example, say the apartment is safe earthquake, or cloudless apartment. Regardless, it could be the appeal that emotionally shapes consumers, “said Dadank.

So will the interior as the first attraction

“When consumers open the door the first time, that moment should be tricked to be the first impression of selling. How to display the interior of a good unit. Interior components can be seen from the facilities and furnish, “he said.

One more thing, what matters should be tailored to the tastes of prospective customers. For example, if you want to target consumers from Japan, the interior of the apartment should be Japanese nuances and accessories that support the comfort of the dwelling.

“Remember, Interior is the key, to be able to attract consumers,” Dadank message.

Find professional broker help

Finally, to make it easier, you can use the services of a professional property broker. According to Dadank, a professional property broker is the one who has a lot of tenant candidates. In addition, the broker also has the proper location sepsifikasi.

“Do not choose a broker that does not match the location where your apartment is located. For example, the location of apartments in South Jakarta, but you use a broker from North Jakarta, of course it will make it difficult for you to target consumers specifically, “he said.

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