The mosque is a means of worship of which there will never be reduced however will always experience increased with increasing community awareness. Nowadays it is very easy to find mosques in every corner of the region. Not only in the urban village of any mosque very easily found. Not only is it all the way it will look in the mosque building graced a corner – the corner. Even mosques can be found in every corner of the area, shops, even the offices and agencies. It’s what makes your business or venture Vault makers will never die and will happen to intense competition in the market. The dome is actually not harga kubah masjid galvalum always identical to the mosque because there worship a religion other than islam are also using the dome to a place of worship. But due to the large number of mosque dome then eventually use the term turret attached to the mosque Muslim places of worship.

The increasing demand and intense competition make the dome craftsmen to innovate when it made the domed. Vault makers innovation starting from the shape of the domes, ornament, size, color variation, and constituting the materials. Prior to installation of the dome of the buyer must make a reservation in advance against the desired Dome, except if it is found the appropriate size and shape. The maker of the dome of the mosque not only serve only however there are some finished products that are ready to install. To minimize the disappointment in the future or mismatch of fixed size and shape expected prospective purchase of booking in advance is related to the size, shape. and so on.

The maker of the Vault will be doing some process to create a dome of the mosque. Starting from the selection of materials to be used. For the selection of the materials can be adapted to the demand of the buyers. Will then be done making the desired dome design patterns. Next up is the vast dome of the calculation to be made. There are several ways that can be used to calculate the area of a dome diantranya with autocad and method of using the formula the integral but an integral formulas are more complicated and inefficient so rarely used. After extensive size dome known then next is the process of making the dome with the merger between constituent elements.

Joining process done by the maker of the Vault will be disesuai to the type of materials used. After the last stage formed dome shape is the process of pengrapian and coating. The purpose of this stage is the result obtained will be more organised and have a perfection of form. Because it is not uncommon at the time of the merger process there are some sections that suffered material damages resulting from the process of merging so that necessary process improvements. After the dome has the form as you wish then the final stage is the tinting process to produce a domed Vault more beautiful and interesting.

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