The most beautiful Mosque domes that make Dazzled

The most beautiful Mosque domes that make Dazzled

Indonesia country known as a country that is predominantly muslim population. Not in the pungkiri again the number of Mosques that serve as places of worship and gathering of Muslims increasingly numerous. As sacred places and buildings, the mosque certainly has a story of history and the value of keindahannnya each. Beauty looks harga kubah masjid from the cleanliness, facilities, the foyer, the tower and the dome of the mosque.


The most beautiful mosque dome is its own attraction even became a masterpiece whose value is high. The shape of the dome of the mosque is generally bulging with cuneiform on it. The dome of the mosque is itself a characteristic and existing mosques in Indonesia. In contrast to other countries that the number of Muslims is still the minority most mosques built in the absence of the dome and is similar to House residents. Whatever type of turret mounted on the top of the mosque will be set with the architectural style of the mosque itself. There are a number of mosques that have traditional-style domes and mosque decorated dome.

The materials used in the construction of any vault ranging from copper, enamel steel, galvalume until golden. A common use of color dome mosque in the world is the yellow, green and blue. Until now the renovation and widening of the mosque has always been the main goals achieved i.e. provide comfort and tranquility for the pilgrims who perform acts of worship.

For Muslims the very mosque boasted of the Masjid Al-Haram is able to accommodate the millions of pilgrims who perform the Hajj. Until recently many of the Muslims who set aside money in order to worship at the mosque. Not far from the Holy Haram also stands firmly Mosque which has incredible beauty with the 27 best vault that can be moved and one of the dome are green below there is the tomb of the Prophet. In addition there are also lights, ornament-ornaments as well as calligraphy that adds tranquility in the mosque. Most Muslims in the world to visit the Prophet’s mosque for pilgrimage and pray for Muhammad. Until this time the Prophet’s mosque was never deserted from the pilgrims who visit.

The high artistic and historical stories in it made the mosque as the building is very important for Muslims. One of the great works of phenomenal until then this is the Taj Mahal during the time of Imperial Mogul. Taj mahal building, also known as the love story of King at that time was so loved his wife and became their Tomb. The building was decorated with a jewel, ornament of the famous artist, calligrapher and have the most beautiful mosque dome. The ends of the shoots of the Taj Mahal are designed is shaped like a Lotus Flower. The ORB of the order beyond the Taj Mahal is also greater than the inside so if its unique dome appear from within the symmetry will be visible not perfect. Not surprising with its beauty the Taj Mahal was crowned as the wonders of the world until recently. As a place of worship the Taj Mahal has also become a tourist attraction in either the State or foreign tourists who visited India and became a symbol of love.

Not just foreign, in Indonesia’s own stand several domes of mosques. One of the very famous mosque and was crowned most beautiful mosques in Indonesia is Masjid Dian Al Mahri-otherwise known as the mosque of the golden dome. True to its name, the mosque has a dome covered with gold mosaics and crystal. The mosque has 1 main turret and four small domes. In addition to the dome that the wondrously mendecakkan mosque also has lights that come directly from abroad. After coming into the Mosque would seem some calligraphy mounted on the wall as well as ornament typical of Muslims. The architecture of the mosque appear to generally follow the Middle Eastern architecture seen from the dome, porch and ornate supporters in the mosque.

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