Treatment fit gorgeous ala Hollywood stars present in Indonesia May

Treatment fit gorgeous ala Hollywood stars present in Indonesia May

Cryotherapy, non-invasive treatment techniques to maintain fitness and beauty that used many of the celebrities of the world, would be present in Indonesia on next May.

This treatment has been used the stars of Hollywood and the world of professional athletes such as Christiano Ronaldo to Floyd Mayweather, as a method of rapid recovery during training.

Later, celebrities like Demi Moore, Jessica Alba, and Daniel Craig, also using cryotherapy as one of their routine in maintaining beauty and health.

Polaris, as a service provider, in a press statement says it will soon establish a cryotherapy centre in Jakarta in May.

According to Polaris, the treatment is done by exposing the skin against the cold nitrogen gas to-120 degrees to trigger the natural response of the body.

The benefits of this treatment include an increased collagen production, weight loss, boost energy levels and metabolism of the body, strengthen the immune system, improving blood circulation, and reduce inflammation.

The cold temperature will trigger response fight-or-flight of the body, stimulates the blood circulation and increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the body areas in need, as well as stimulate endorphin hormones to relieve stress and increase energy level.

In one session that lasts about 3 minutes away, these treatments can burn 800 calories equivalent to 2 hours on a treadmill so that suitable to assist the process of diet and weight loss, claim Polaris.

With major benefits in every anti-aging treatment, weight loss, health and fitness, is also handling the pain and muscle recovery, cryotherapy can be regular routines to support public health Indonesia.

Polaris cryotherapy centre launched the first in Hong Kong, then New Zealand, Kuala lumpur and Dubai.

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